Be simple, brew perfect.

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Nobody wants bad coffee. Coffee equipment is useless unless it makes good coffee. SIMPLIFY the Brewer makes good coffee a in of your daily life. From newbies, coffeeholics, to professional baristas, anyone can make the best coffee with SIMPLIFY the Brewer.

Bloom, stir or pulse pouring? Are they really necessary?

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Only 30 seconds to pour!

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Never compromise even over the quality of material.

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BATHTUB COFFEE was founded by Ryo John Ito in 2018 to import and sell specialty coffee equipment in Japan. They have worked to provide opportunities and possibilities for Japanese baristas. As the Japanese official reseller of some brands, they deal in a number of equipment, and now they spread their business to coffee beans and seminars. From 2020, they have started to go into making coffee equipment by themselves. Their philosophy is "Be simple, brew perfect.", and SIMPLIFY the Brewer is their very first one.

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In a progressively more complicated world, I must say it is quite refreshing to see a brewer...optimized for simplicity.

Zac Cadwalader | Managing Editor, Sprudge

SIMPLIFY the Brewer outperforms every other brewer I've ever worked with. Not only am I able to achieve higher extraction percentages with SIMPLIFY it also produces the sweetest and most balanced brews.

Bailey Manson | Innovation Manager, Intelligentsia Coffee